What can we do for you?

Our chartering department, which consists of highly professional and service-minded brokers, operates both hired tonnage along with our own ships. The chartering team handles chartering for various types of ship, mainly for short-sea trade. Activities cover spot and period chartering and contracts of affreightment for charterers and operators.   

Our staff in the chartering department looks forward to hear from any possible participants and would gladly give a non-obligated offer. 

Typical cargo's
• Concrete aggregates
• Asphalt aggregates
• Coal
• Coke
• Asphalt
• Lime Stone
• Grain
• Concrete tunnel linings
• Iron ore
• Ilmenite 
• Fertilizer
• Gypsum
• Wood chips
• Timber
• Calcium chloride 

Contact us

Bjørn Ødegård
Chartering manager / Owner
P: +47 901 29 346
Norvind discharging Norne with deck cargo Norholm discharging calcium chloride Cargo